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We work with organizations to leverage technology with proven process design to streamline performance, automate processes and improve organization. We are a minority-owned Atlanta, GA-based woman-owned small business.

We have been serving clients since 2011. Whether you need to build an intranet, improve communications, improve accountability, streamline processes or automate your workflows – we can design custom solutions to address your specific business needs.


We design intranets, implement Office 365 solutions, leverage existing platforms and build custom tools to help the way you work.


Solutions Design

The right collaborative approach, from strategy to solutions design can transform your business. We help clients realize transparency, accountability, improved processes, and useful business data.

Data Analysis

Meaningful information is the foundation of strategic decision making. Our consultants can help you identify potential data, organize your information and ultimately analyze your data.

Examples of Our Solutions

In plain terms – we solve business problems with technology solutions.

Strategic Planning

Before we develop any solutions, our team learns your business model. We work with clients to define long term goals, articulate constraints, develop strategic plans, and indicators to measure effectiveness.

Intranet Solutions

We develop intranets using Office 365 to help companies streamline corporate communication, develop internal systems, and improve organizational efficiency.

Data Collection

We support research projects by designing tools to support data collection efforts. We design data collection tools, reporting platforms, data visualizations and more.

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